Gas Engine Refill Bottle

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Gas Engine Refill Bottle

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The Revive Refill Bottle is used in conjunction with a Gas Starter Kit for multiple applications or maintenance treatment for gas engines 5.0 liters and above.

Refill Kit includes:

  • 750ml Revive Engine Cleaner Fluid

  • Instructions

  • NOTE: Revive sprayer NOT included


Will Revive Fix The Problem?
Yes, Revive is extremely effective at removing sooty carbon deposits from variable geometry turbochargers (VGT). However, it cannot compensate for split vacuum pipes, mechanically worn or seized components.

Prior to making a purchase carry out some basic diagnostic tests:

1. Scan for diagnostic trouble codes to identify the fault area.

2. Check for vacuum leaks in related solenoids and actuators. 

3. If you are unsure seek advice from an ASE certified technician.

Your shop may recommend trying Revive first, rather than going down a more expensive repair route. 

Please note, if your engine is 5.0 liters or above you will need 3 bottles of Revive. The Big T Cleaner Kit is specifically for larger engines as it contains three bottles of Revive Turbo Cleaner. 
If you have any questions or for professional pricing please contact, or call 1-408-572-6738