2012 Ram Laramie Longhorn, 3500 Cummins

Greetings. I was very happy with your Revive on its initial use; I am ready to use it again. You may remember that I originally ordered an additional bottle for use on my son’s older/high mileage VW diesel (Revive did a nice job on that vehicle also). I intend to do the same again. I am still driving my 2012 Ram Laramie Longhorn 3500 Cummins (approximately 120k) but this ‘improved’ ccv-equipped truck ‘gunks up’ much faster than my previous four Laramie Cummins.


2009 Nissan GTR

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for all your help with Revive. The product was magnificent! I  used it in my 2009 GTR, although the car wasn’t throwing any check engine codes, I purchased the car used and wanted to do a cleaning similar to what Revive provides without having to pull the turbos.   I’ve modified my GTR with larger injectors, air intakes, fuel pumps and a custom ECU tune, the car runs rich to compensate for the added horsepower.  Also Nissan designed air tubes that vent from the rocker covers to each individual turbo air inlet pipe, which allows oil to be sucked in to the inlets, piping and intercoolers.  I have a crankcase oil catch can that now routes the vents from the rockers into the can and back into the oil system via an oil cap fitting and the inlet tubes are now capped off.  I only needed a maintenance dose for each turbo, which I’ll perform before each oil change in the future.  I’ve recommended Revive to all my coworkers with turbocharged vehicles.  


Land Rover Discovery 3

Hi just wanted to leave some really positive feedback about your product. The variable vane turbo on my landrover discovery 3 was recently diagnosed as completely stuffed and in need of replacement. It's a big job - approx $6,000! After a lot of research I decided to try revive as a last resort. The turbo vanes were so choked that the car was completely undrivable and I could not get the revs above about 1500 rpm but I followed the instructions as closely as possible and was amazed by the result. The car is literally like brand new again. Smooth silent powerful and about 10-20% more economical than previously too! I'm not sure whether to encourage the garage to use your product or to give them hell for trying to change something that was completely fine! I will be giving it a revive clean once per year now as a preventative 

Thanks! Victor

Volvo 850 and Jeep Liberty

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for all your help with Revive. The product was magnificent! I first used it in my 1995 Volvo 850 and it made a HUGE difference. now she accelerates smother and quicker and has less lag and no more surge. I also picked up a bottle for my 2005 Jeep liberty 2.8L Turbo Diesel. That also made a big difference in clearing up some lag and helping it to eliminate surge. I would recommend revive to anyone with a turbo car!


Dodge Ram - Cummins 6.7L

I applied Revive then looked at the turbo and clearly the Revive product worked. The slide ring was completely clean there was zero soot built up on it at all. It would slide in and out freely, like it was new. It's clear your product does work and will definitely be using it again on the next one. I will also recommend it to my customers as a "maintenance" product every 20-30k.

Thanks for your help!!!!

Judd McClure - PBD Diesel Performance, LLC

DCA 25KW MQ Diesel Generator Set

Great stuff you have. It is my opinion after 42 years in the business that the market you/we are playing in which I call magic in a bottle, cricket piss, mouse milk, tune up in a can, causes real heartburn trying to get customers to use Revive.

Once we get them to try it they love it. Here is my last personal experience with your great product. Customer brings in a DCA 25KW MQ genset powered by an 4LE2 Isuzu engine. Ran for 2 years running 4, 100 watt light bulbs 24 hours a day.

That load was 400 watts on a 25KW genset. We call that light loading as the stack is wet and eventually plugs up the injectors, turbo, valves and exhaust system.

My lead shop man told the customer it would beApprox. $4000.00 to disassemble, clean, replace the turbo and the injectors. My partner/brother tech wennie extrodanier who can virtually fix anything anywhere said "BULLSHIT" I keep telling you guys try Revive first.

So he took the job and got me to witness the results as no one was buying in. We fired the unit, would hardly run with a ton of black smoke. The most we could get out of it on the load bank was about 5KW. He then pulled the intake hose and followed your instructions in the box to a tee.

The more he worked your process the clearer the stack got, the more horsepower the engine made and the kw load the genset would carry. At our altitude here is 4200ft and we have no derate as the engine was turboed. We got her back to full load 25KW. Full horsepower and temps normal. He had all the employees come out to witness the event. The exhaust stack at full load was virtually clear.

Now my employees are convinced and our customer got a job done for $500.00, $400.00 of that was labor vs a $5000.00 total repair. You know what his boss thinks of him now.

I would be interested in any ideas you or your other customers have for selling this legitimate product in a not so legitimate market.

Diesel Electric Service & Supply Co – Utah

2008 Dodge Ram - 6.7L Cummins

Just had to take a moment and tell you about your product. It works!!

We had never seen a cleaning solution like this before. The shop manager knew of the procedure and product from prior jobs overseas and said "get it Now" and let’s get this going. What we had was a loss of power, check engine lights, something just wasn’t right. What we got after using your product was a smoother idle, more power, engine brakes work like they were new. For our company, it’s been a very pleasant surprise. Our 6.7 Cummins run like new……

Thanks Revive

Telluride Ski resort - Colorado

John Taylor: 2010 Lonestar (425hp Cummins)

"My truck has had 4 DPF replacements done over it's 500,000km life to date (at a cost of $3950.00 EACH ... not including labor or downtime). The truck was scheduled to have it's 5th service done IN ADDITION to addressing all of the following codes.

These codes totaled 16; 12 unique codes and 4 that were repetitive. They are ....

2637 : Diesel Oxidization Catalytic Converter Face Plugged
2961 : EGR Temperature Sensor Above Normal
0415 : Engine Oil Temperature above normal range*****
1942 : Crank Case Pressure
2357 : EGR Control Circuit Not Responding
2359 : EGR Pressure Erratic
0245 : Flow Control Circuit Low
2280 : Turbocharger overspeed
2288 : Turbocharger boost pressure above normal when below RPM
2215 : Fuel pump delivery pressure below normal.
2973 : Intake manifold pressure (MAP) erratic
1849 : EGR differential pressures above severe level / PID #41

Rob @ Victory Automotive did a 'Commercial & HD' Revive treatment on my truck with the following results.

ALL of the above codes were cleared with the exception of "0415 : Engine Oil Temperature above normal range" which required the changing of the temperature sensor itself. This item was sourced directly from Freightliner and Rob changed it out which eliminated the final code.
The truck's DPF is now absolutely clean, ALL codes have been cleared and in the 2 days since doing the service I have seen a 15% (FIFTEEN PERCENT!!!) increase in fuel mileage prior to having the treatment done. The truck went back to work within 2 hours of rolling into Rob's door (it would have been sooner had we not had to go get the sensor from Freightliner as it was an easy R&R exchange) and the turbo is no longer overboosting and the DPF is not in need of replacement.
Had I not seen Revive work with my own eyes, I would not have believed it!"

- April 2014

VW Jetta 1.8 Turbo

I highly recommend this. I have a Jetta 1.8T and after spending 1,400 dollars on a new clutch my Volkswagen was losing power and stalling while changing gears. I thought I had to spend an arm and leg to fix the problem but I heard of this product and ordered a Starter Kit. It is really easy as 123 to apply. After the Revive Treatment my car runs really smooth no loss of power feels fully restored and I am very pleased with the results

Martin Martinez - San Jose

2001 Ford F-350 - 162,500 miles

Check out these amazing readings of before and after running Revive treatment on it - Ford F-350 with a 6.4 ltr turbo diesel ran on a Dyno.

There were absolutely no other amendments made to the truck; the impressive results:

  • 9.1HP increase (from 254.2 to 263.3)
  • 28.7 ft/lbs torque increase (from 554.7 to 583.4)

The numbers speak for themselves!

Diesel Performance Specialist

1999 Audi A8 Quattro 3.7 ltr Turbo

My "When I brought the car into Rob (at Victory Automotive), it had 58 (FIFTY-EIGHT) fault codes stored in the computer and the car was barely drivable. After 1 treatment of Revive, all but 1 of the codes was cleared and the back pressure behind the catalytic converter went up from 1.9 to 11.6. When it was determined that the last remaining code in the car's system was due to a faulty injector on cylinder #6, we replaced the injector in question and the car runs like new and all of the codes have been cleared! Revive is amazing!"


2006 Chevy Duramax, Crewcab shortbed

The revive worked great!!!! My Duramax boosts better and doesn't smoke as bad and also fuel economy increased dramatically. Thanks

I was having the occasional turbo not learned and turbo over boost code plus my turbo was always cycling the veins (I mean like every time I stopped at a light hot or cold when I started it hot or cold just ALWAYS) and would not hit 30 pound of boost anymore and my mileage was terrible.This was still all after I changed my turbo sensor. So I ran one bottle of Revive Turbo Cleaner through my Duramax.After running it through my motor I could instantly tell a difference when I took it out on the freeway. Hit 30 pounds of boost no problem, pulled hard again, not sluggish like before. Also blew the nastiest looking smoke for about 20 seconds I have ever seen out the tail pipe. Since then my mileage has gone from 14.5 to 15 on highway to 16 to 17 again. Veins no longer cycle ALL the time and truck just feels like it runs better in general. I am a believer in this stuff.


1995 Dodge 2500 5.9L TurboCharged

"100,000 Miles on the truck and engine runs strong, great compression, fuel injection working properly. The main issue I was having was no get up and high RPM... The turbo would stick and run away on me causing me to immediately smother the intake of the Turbo with a 2X4 board. I ran the Revive Turbo Cleaner and Power Restorer straight through the intake after the filter. It runs like the truck was reborn or REVIVED shall I say. I am a firm believer in this outstanding product. I was leery about it at first because all the reviews about it were about turbo charged diesel cars and rice burner vehicles... My truck is standing truth of what it can do for yours..."

Christina Turner

2010 Ford F350 Powerstroke

"Worked great thanks"


2007 Ford Excursion 7.3L

"Less smoke at start up and throttle, better turbo and throttle response and for me my turbo seems to be quieter"